Agapanthus Northern Star featured in the Telegraph

Agapanthus Northern StarOur popular Agapanthus Northern Star has been featured in Val Bourne’s article ‘The joy of seeing plants at home’ in the Telegraph. Here is a quick snippet:

“When buying agapanthus it’s worth checking which have the hardier deciduous tendency, and which tend to be evergreen and therefore less hardy. Whichever you buy, it’s a myth that agapanthus enjoy being starved. The Best Beloved feeds ours once a fortnight with comfrey tea, or tomato food if he’s run out. This potash-rich diet toughens them up and makes them hardier as well as encouraging more flower. They are watered copiously in dry weather, every morning. After all, they are South African plants, used to lots of rain in their growing season.”

Read the full article here.

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