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Tomato Ring Culture


Ring culture is a means of growing Tomatoes that allows fibrous feeding roots to develop within a bottomless ‘ring’ (where fertiliser is applied), whilst courser water-seeking roots develop into the ground, aggregate, ‘Growbag’ or Container.

Traditionally, the ‘ring’ or bottomless pot… Continue Reading »



Successional sowing and intercropping are closely related, ensuring continuous cropping over an extended period, helping to avoid a ‘glut’, which can be wasteful of both plot use and crop.

Successional crops can be achieved by one of two methods:

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Under Glass & Direct

Indoor Sowing: Fill seed tray or pot with compost, gently firm to eliminate air pockets, water and allow to drain before sowing. Place or scatter (depending on seed size) seed thinly over surface. Sieve layer of compost over seed. Do not cover… Continue Reading »

Crops Overview

Why do we need crop rotation? Beneficial in minimising plant problems. Previous crops can benefit following crop.

Here is a basic three year rotation plan:

Year One Brassicas, Roots, Legumes Year Two Roots, Legumes, Brassicas Year Three Legumes, Brassicas, Roots Alternative growing… Continue Reading »

Crop Rotation

The usual crop rotation cycle is three-years – in other words you only have a certain vegetable type in the same spot every third year, but if you want to grow potatoes it’s best to have a four-year rotation.

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