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Growing Raspberries

Raspberries are grouped into two types; summer fruiting and autumn fruiting.  These two groups are distinct in their growth habits and have different training and pruning requirements.  By growing varieties from each group it is possible to have a supply of raspberries… Continue Reading »

Growing Rhubarb

Invest in a rhubarb plant and it will produce stems for 20 years in good conditions.


You can plant rhubarb divisions; these are a piece of the fleshy root with a bud. Or you can plant young rhubarb plants in grown… Continue Reading »

Growing Beetroot

A super food!  Beetroot is a naturally sweet and nutritious root vegetable.  It stores energy as sugar in its roots; if the plant completes its life cycle this stored sugar would be used to make the flowers and seeds.

It has recently… Continue Reading »