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Climbing Beans

We recommend climbing beans as the perfect crop for novice gardeners or children.  Everyone will have success and will pick baskets full of juicy beans.

They are an inviting crop;

Large, often colourful, easy-to-handle seeds. Like to be sown straight in the… Continue Reading »

Growing Beetroot

A super food!  Beetroot is a naturally sweet and nutritious root vegetable.  It stores energy as sugar in its roots; if the plant completes its life cycle this stored sugar would be used to make the flowers and seeds.

It has recently… Continue Reading »

Growing Blackcurrants

Blackcurrants are a particularly versatile fruit, packed with vitamin C.  Use them in pies, summer pudding, jams, cordials, smoothies, fruit compotes and if there is a surplus they are easily frozen. One healthy bush will yield 10lbs of fruit.

They are one… Continue Reading »

Tomato Ring Culture


Ring culture is a means of growing Tomatoes that allows fibrous feeding roots to develop within a bottomless ‘ring’ (where fertiliser is applied), whilst courser water-seeking roots develop into the ground, aggregate, ‘Growbag’ or Container.

Traditionally, the ‘ring’ or bottomless pot… Continue Reading »



Successional sowing and intercropping are closely related, ensuring continuous cropping over an extended period, helping to avoid a ‘glut’, which can be wasteful of both plot use and crop.

Successional crops can be achieved by one of two methods:

Sowing… Continue Reading »