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Indoor Azalea Care

These are one of the best winter-flowering houseplants and can, with care provide a mass of colour throughout the holiday season with their red, pink or white blooms.

They require a temperature of 10-15°C/50-60°F ideally, avoid hot airless situations i.e. those near… Continue Reading »


Poinsettias originate from Mexico and Central America. In the wild these plants are bare-branched small trees. Most people know traditional red poinsettias at Christmas, but these plants also come in peach, pink, cream, and with white- and gold-splashed leaves.

Care: Protect poinsettias… Continue Reading »


Cyclamen is the ideal houseplant for a cool location. The ideal temperature for growing a cyclamen indoors is 13-16°c, so is ideally suited to the cooler rooms in the house such as hallways and dining rooms.

They ideally need to grow in… Continue Reading »

Growing Amaryllis

The Hippeastrum, commonly called Amaryllis, produces large colourful showy flowers on tall stems during winter and is popular around Christmas and New Year.

It needs to be grown where there is plenty of light, so that the stems do not become too… Continue Reading »

Growing Citrus

Grow Citrus in a nutrient-rich compost such as Levingtons Citrus compost. Repot in spring when the plants become pot-bound. In years when not repotting, topdress (again, in spring), removing the top 5cm (2in) of compost and replacing it with fresh.

Water freely… Continue Reading »