Creating a Wildlife Friendly Meadow

Rachel and the volunteers have been working hard to transform an area of wasteland beside Patrick’s Patch into a wildlife friendly wildflower meadow.

They started work on the meadow in February 2015 by stripping off the existing turf with a turf-lifter. Any weeds were given time to show and were then treated with a Glyphosate-based weedkiller prior to rotavating in late April.

The ground was left to settle for a week and then boys from Southlands School sowed the seed in early May. The sowing rate was 3g per square metre. The seed is an annual mix from Pictorial Meadows called ‘Pastel Mix’ and is available in the Garden Centre.

After sowing, the seed bed was firmed with a roller. It germinated successfully within a fortnight.

The meadow is now looking wonderful, as you can see from the photos below. Pay us a visit and see for yourselves!