Forcing Rhubarb

Forced rhubarb is delicious – the stems are more tender, sweeter and don’t need to be peeled. It’s a simple process and well worth trying. All you need is a container. There are specialist terracotta pots will last a lifetime and are purpose made, an old dustbin is perfectly OK or even an upturned bucket, basically anything that will exclude light is ideal.

Place it over the rhubarb as soon as it begins to show signs of growth. The lack of light and the heating effect of the container will rapidly bring on the rhubarb which should be ready for eating in about four weeks, a good month or so before rhubarb that is not forced.

When the rhubarb is picked (or it outgrows the covering) remove the covering and leave the rhubarb to recover for next year remembering to give it a good feed. Have a go, it’s really simple and worthwhile.

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