Get to know our team – Rachel Humphriss

Rachel Humphriss, our Baker has worked for Fairweather’s just over a year!

How did you get involved in baking?

I was living in South Korea working in a boarding school.  There are a lot of strange culinary habits there such as fresh cream cakes topped with tomatoes.  Being surrounded by ex-pat Brits who missed the ‘taste of home’, I decided to teach myself to bake cakes, cookies, scones and pastries.  If found that I loved it so much, I moved back to the UK and trained to be a chef.

What is the best selling cake in Steff’s Kitchen?

Chocolate!  The chocolate heaven cake, chocolate brownies and Mars bar crunch are all good sellers.


What is your favourite cake?

Anything with lemons.


What advice do you have for people new to baking?

Always keep your eggs at room temperature to avoid them becoming too runny.  Be inventive as trial and error is the most fun way to learn.

What do you do when you are not baking?

I went to art school to study illustration, so I love writing and illustrating children’s stories.  One day I hope to get them published.  I also love exercise classes; zumba, yoga, weight lifting and anything like that.
Why do you like working in Steff’s Kitchen?

I love to visit Patrick’s Patch to collect fresh produce to work with, such as strawberries, raspberries and rhubarb.
What do you do when you are not baking?

I would love to own my own cake business.  I make the odd wedding, birthday and baby shower cakes, but the ultimate dream would be to do it full time.