Nesting birds at Fairweather’s

Spring is here and we have a number of wild nesting birds around the garden centre.

The nature of our premises means we have plenty of tempting spots for wild birds to build their nests and raise their young – some of them well hidden and some surprisingly visible!

Robin nest in gas bottle Robin nest and eggsThis cheeky robin’s nest has been created in the concave top of a 5kg Gaslight bottle, within the safety of our gas storage cage.

This means she’s protected from predators and gets shade from the surrounding bottles. It also means we have trouble getting to the gas without disturbing the mother and chicks!


Nest in helicopterHelicopter nest closeupThis nest has been built in the centre of on of our popular topiary shapes from Agrumi in Lymington.

The helicopter has a few hollow areas in the centre that our enterprising avian has chosen as her temporary home.


Nesting Blackbird Blackbird through trellis This brave blackbird has chosen a very exposed area for her nest – in between some trellis panels right beside one of our main paths!

We put up a sign urging customers to take care and now the fledglings has left the nest to explore the nearby pallets of compost!


Come and visit us to see them for yourself and maybe spot some more that we’ve missed.