Perfect Patio Roses – 2 for £15

Give your tubs a treat with these stunning patio roses – £9.99 each or 2 for £15.

Patio Rose 'Little Sunset'We have a selection of attractive Patio Roses for you to choose from.

Our roses have been specially bred to be tolerant of growing in containers, with shallower roots than regular roses. We recommend a pot at least 25cm (10″) deep.

When re-potting, use Rose Tree and Shrub compost, or Levington Multi-Purpose with added John Innes.

Roses prefer full sun for at least half the day so choose a spot in the open away from shade, although the soil should not be allowed to dry out. A quality mulch on the soil surface should aid in water retention and provide an attractive covering.

We recommend you feed with Toprose or Miracle-Gro Rose Tree and Shrub Food soon after planting and repeat according to fertiliser instructions until August.

Please see our Fact Sheet for more advice on caring for Patio Roses.