Join the Potting Shed Club

Patrick’s Patch runs ‘The Potting Shed Club’ for primary school age children (ages 4 – 11) every year.

The Potting Shed Club LogoThe Potting Shed Club runs once a month from March to October on Saturday mornings 10am – 11.30am. The club is run by the Head Gardener Rachel Foster. Rachel is a qualified gardener with lots of experience working with children and running gardening clubs. This is what Rachel had to say:

“I want the children to really enjoy being in the garden and gain satisfaction from making things they can take home and by helping with projects in Patrick’s Patch.”

During each club, the children make things to take home and they spend time helping on fun projects in Patrick’s Patch. There are mid-morning refreshments of hot drinks (for adults) and fruit juice, with homemade biscuits.

It is essential to pre-book as there is a maximum of 10 children.

Children must be accompanied by an adult – no more than three children per adult.  Additional adults are not encouraged due to restricted space.

Cost per participating child is £10, with no charge for accompanying adults.  Please book below.

If we do not have enough children to run the course successfully, we reserve the right for it to be cancelled and any money paid will be refunded.

All courses for 2017:

Date Club Project Description
March 18th Get Set and Sow The children can choose different vegetable and flower seeds to sow in a modular seed tray which they can take home and carry on growing.  They’ll learn how to look after what they have chosen to grow and when they can expect to be harvesting their crops.  Out in the garden we’ll keep warm with some digging.
April 8th Planting Our Potatoes As in previous years the Potting Shed Club will plant their own row of potatoes which they will then harvest later in the year.  Using children’s rakes, they will learn how to prepare a seed bed for outdoor sowing.  We’ll sow a row of sunflowers and can watch them grow through the year; one reached over 3m last year!
May 6th Start Growing a Pumpkin The Potting Shed Club will help to sow the pumpkins and squashes at Patrick’s Patch.  Each child will be able to  sow a pumpkin or courgette in a pot to take home.   The children will also help create two big scarecrows to go on display all summer in Patrick’s Patch.    They’ll learn  ‘ hands-on’ about how important earthworms are and have a dig to look for the different kinds of earthworm living in the soil or compost heap.
June 10th Flowers and Butterflies We’ll be spending the morning looking at our beautiful flowers and the insects which visit them.  We’ll learn about which plants butterflies like for nectar and which plants caterpillars like to munch on.   We’ll pick lots of flowers and each child can make a lovely posy to take home and also make a small petal collage.  We’ll also be learning how to look after the vegetables growing in the garden by watering them and giving them some liquid food.
July 15th Yummy Salads This month in the Potting Shed Club it’s all about tastes and smells.  The children will be picking their own mix of colourful and yummy salad ingredients from the garden to take home and enjoy.   We’ll be learning about different herbs and making oils and vinegars flavoured with herbs to take home..  They’ll make some paper pots and sow  quick growing herbs and salads.   Out in the garden the Potting Shed Club potatoes will be ready to dig up – great fun!
September 16th Harvest Time The Potting Shed Club will be helping to harvest the fruit, vegetables and flowers from Patrick’s Patch.  They’ll make a colourful harvest display and they’ll taste different apples and see which are their favourites. The children can cut the late summer flowers and take home very colourful posies.  Out in the garden we’ll measure the height of the  sunflowers  and check how big the pumpkins are getting.
 October 7th Homes for Wildlife  In our last session of the year we will be looking ahead to the winter and learning how to provide shelter and food for the different wildlife in our gardens.   The children will make a fat-ball bird feeder to take home.  We’ll also look at Autumn bulbs and plant hyacinths in pots to take home to flower for Christmas.