Seed Potatoes for 2018 – Now in Stock!

Our 2018 range of seed potatoes

Seed potato pre packsThere are over 16 varieties, including well-known favourites. Join us in January to stock up for this year’s crop.

Potatoes are available:

  • Loose for £1.99 per KG
  • In pre-packs of 10 potatoes, individually priced.

Varieties available in-store:

Loose Potatoes
Accord Arran Pilot  Charlotte
Desiree Duke of York Kestrel
King Edward Lady Christl Maris Peer
Pentland Javelin Pink Fir Apple Rocket
Sharpe’s Express Swift Valor
Wilja  Foremost
Pre-Packed Potatoes
Carlingford Casablanca  International Kidney
Juliette Maris Peer Nicola
Premier Red Duke of York Sarpo Mira (arriving 1st week Feb)

Don’t forget to have a look at our guide to growing seed potatoes.