The XHose – now available in-store

You can now come to Fairweather’s to buy the incredible expanding Xhose, as seen on TV!

Xhose Expandable HosePeople have been raving about this new expanding hose so we simply had to get some in to sell. The hose starts as a short, wrinkly blue pipe that is easy to store. Then you turn on the water and the hose expands to its full length. Once you turn off the water supply, the hose will shrink to its original size as the water empties out. Magic!

Just see the video below for a demonstration:

The Xhose is lightweight, durable and will never kink like an ordinary hose. It’s available in 4 sizes:

  • 7.5m (25ft) – £19.99
  • 15m (50ft) – £29.99
  • 22.5m (75ft) – £39.99
  • 30m (100ft) – £49.99

Xhose How does it Work