£1million Tea Party for Breast Cancer – UPDATED

Please join us in Steff’s Kitchen Kitchen for a tea party from 9am on Friday 13th February, to help raise money for The Haven, Titchfield.

£1 Million Tea Party LogoIt is a wonderful resource supporting all women with breast cancer. A contribution will be made from all  teas, coffees and cakes sold that morning, going directly to The Haven.

Come and support this wonderful cause!

About The haven:

The Haven Breast Cancer SupportOver half a million people in the UK are now living with breast cancer and this figure is expected to double by 2030.

The good news is that earlier diagnoses, better research and more effective clinical treatments, mean that survival rates are improving. But that also means that more people are living with the disease and its effects longer.

Everyone who is affected by breast cancer needs some additional support to get them through it. You may have recently been diagnosed, or completed your treatment, or you may be a relative or close friend of someone who has breast cancer. Whatever your situation, The Haven is here to help you.

Our support and care is free

Our free service offers a wide range of emotional, physical and practical support which includes over 40 complementary therapies, counselling, nutritional advice, exercise classes, financial advice and support groups.

We also run a range of courses and seminars. Everyone is welcome at any of our centres and there is no need for a referral.

Please visit thehaven.org.uk for more information.

Update: The event was a great success, with over £500 raised for the Haven!