Hozelock Watering Systems

Make watering easy with Hozelock

An automatic watering system takes the work out of watering the garden, ensures your plants are healthy all year round and that you use water as efficiently as possible.Using drip emitters, you can achieve water savings of up to 90% compared to using a traditional hosepipe.  Using a water timer with your system allows for automatically watering daily.  Perfect for busy gardeners or going away on holiday.

Even your small pots and baskets can use Hozelock.

Hozelock Micro IrrigationHozelock Easy Drip collection is the perfect solution for watering pots, containers and hanging baskets, saving you time, effort and water.  Easy to install and set up, with a simple ‘push fit’ design to ensure easy installation, with a 4mm hose enabling discreet water delivery when installed.

The flexible hose carries water from your tap to individual Micro Dripers postponed in pots around your garden or patio area.  The hose can easily be cut to supply 15 containers with the use of T connectors.

To make it easier you can add a controller (from £37) allowing you to automatically water your garden at a time that is convenient to you as well as giving you piece of mind that your plants are watered whilst you are away on holiday.

Ask a member of our team about advice on use and assembly.