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Feed and Disease

Feed: General balanced compound fertilizers: Growmore or Fish, Blood and Bone – apply in spring, two weeks before planting Foliar feeds: mixed with water and sprayed onto foliage. Regarded as a quick fix and can often be wasteful. Do not apply during… Continue Reading »

Heavy Soil

Clay soils are often described as ‘heavy’ soils due to the sticky texture when digging and they are often liable to waterlogging. Consequently, the drainage and aeration are poor, taking a long time to warm up in spring, whilst drought conditions will… Continue Reading »

Watering, Mulches & Netting


All plants depend on water in order to absorb nutrients required for growth and manufacture food. Constant transpiration through their leaves means that once water loss exceeds the amount taken in by the roots, wilting occurs reducing growth and yield. Therefore… Continue Reading »

Seeds and Plugs


F1 Hybrid: cross of two selectively breed parents, chosen for their desirable characteristics (Filial 1). Uniform plants with maturity reached at the same time, having Hybrid vigour, they are expensive, due to controlled breeding conditions. Less seeds per packet. Seed cannot… Continue Reading »

Know Your Soil

Soils are made up of the following components:

Minerals/Sand Silt Clay Water Air Organic matter Living organisms. Soil Profile & Horizon:

A profile is the vertical section showing make-up. The soil horizon is the horizontal sections –

Topsoil Subsoil Parent rock. Mineral… Continue Reading »