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Goat’s Cheese Fritters


Perfect for a dinner party (Makes approx 50)

Ingredients 250g salted butter 1 pint of milk 1lb flour 2tsp chilli powder 3tsp Smoked paprika Seasoning 1/2 goat’s cheese log crumbled 2 diced red onion 2 diced red chillies 8 eggs 


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Chocolate Brownies

Enjoy making and eating the brownies we bake in Steff’s Kitchen.


396g butter 340g soft brown sugar 340g caster sugar 7 eggs 255g melted chocolate 113g cocoa powder 198g plain flour

Makes 15 portions

To make

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Apple and Celeriac Soup

Apple and celeriac soup

Apple & Celeriac Soup (Serves 4)


50g butter (plus 1 tsp) 2 tbsp olive oil 500g celeriac 2 apples peeled and sliced Thyme 1 medium onion 750ml vegetable stock 50g walnuts 50g unsmoked streay bacon 50g diced bread (sourdough is nice)… Continue Reading »