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Rhododendrons & Azaleas

Rhododendrons and Azaleas have spectacular clusters of showy blooms plus large green leaves that often stay green through winter.

For small gardens choose Yakushiamanum hybrids.

For evergreen screens hardy hybrids and for spicy scent and flamboyant flowers – choose a deciduous Azalea.

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Easy to Grow Dahlias


Dahlias are easy to grow and in a good year produce flowers from late June to early December They come in all shapes and sizes, and are available in most of the best flower colours. They… Continue Reading »



Summer Flowering Gladioli


Summer flowering Gladiolus are easy to grow. They make wonderful flamboyant cut flowers and once established will flower year after year.

Planting Soil and Site

On rich but well-drained soils, you can plant them straight out in… Continue Reading »



Bees Love Sedums

If your garden is looking careworn and listless at the end of a long summer, there is one sure-fire remedy – border sedums.

These perennials are prized for their long-lasting flowers and now is the time to plant them… Continue Reading »

Wallflowers and Tulips

The Humble Wallflower and Tulips

Boldly coloured, sweet smelling and at home in the poorest conditions… there’s nothing retiring about the humble wallflower.

They are, of course, biennials, which, to the uninitiated have the following timetable. You sow them in May/June, plant… Continue Reading »