Grow tasty seed potatoes at home in time for Christmas with these top tips.

Seed PotatoesHarvesting your first earlies allows you to re-plant ready for Christmas, you can get a second crop our of grow bags or potato tubs by planting these now.

Alternatively visit Fairweather’s in July and choose from our ready-prepared varieties.

Being tender the use of containers are better than in the ground  because they can be moved to a frost-free area as the season progresses.

Plant in July. No need for chitting. Plant in the ground or in pots/bags/containers. Use a loam based compost such as Multi-Purpose with Added John Innes or just John Innes Number 2.

Potatoes take 3-4 months to mature. When ready leave in soil until you need them, if it is very wet/cold tubers can be stored in peat based compost e.g. use your old grow-bags. Move your tubs or grow bags into protection before the first frosts and keep the potatoes in these till harvest, cutting off the spent foliage once it has died down.

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