Cyclamen is the ideal houseplant for a cool location. The ideal temperature for growing a cyclamen indoors is 13-16°c, so is ideally suited to the cooler rooms in the house such as hallways and dining rooms.

They ideally need to grow in bright light away from direct sunshine, north facing windowsill is ideal.

Water only when the plant dries out not before, the leaves will droop telling you it needs water.

Feed with houseplant food weekly during flowering period with something like Baby Bio.

AFTER-CARE: after flowering reduce watering and stop feeding until the foliage turns yellow. In late May, place the pots outside on their sides and keep dry until new growth is seen in the summer, when the corm should be completely re-potted using a suitable compost. Watering and feeding should be started after re-potting and the plant brought inside in mid-September ready to start the whole cycle off again but this time with a much bigger corm.

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