Edible Flowers from Patrick’s Patch

We like to make the most of our home-grown resources here at Fairweather’s, so we have started using the edible flowers from Patrick’s Patch.

The volunteers in the garden have been picking a tray of mixed flowers every day for use in some of the Steff’s Kitchen recipes.

So far we have picked: violets (Viola tricolor), marigolds (Calendula officinalis), nasturtiums, coriander flowers, dill flowers and cornflowers.

The cornflowers are gathered from our annual meadow, recently created from a patch of wasteland beside Patrick’s Patch.

There are other edible flowers that can be used in cooking and cake decoration – here is a full list of the commonly available ones:

Bachelor button Bee balm Borage
Calendula Chamomile Chive flowers
Chrysanthemum Dandelion Daylily
Dianthus Fuchsia Gardenia
Gladiolus Hibiscus Hollyhock
Impatiens Lilac Marigold
Mint Nasturtium Pansy
Roses Sage Squash blossom
Snapdragon Sunflower Violet