Other than the fact that standard roses have a long stem, they can be treated, to all intents and purposes, the same way as ordinary hybrid tea or floribunda rose bushes. This includes pruning and care and prevention of normal rose pests and diseases.

It is important to prune the standard rose properly and regularly, to prevent the head from getting too large.  Ensure that you prune standards back at least halfway before the winter sets in to prevent wind damage.

It is important that the head of the rosebush is not allowed to rock about, for this can damage the bud union and may even result in the rose bush snapping off at this point.

Make sure that you use at least three sturdy plant ties to secure the standard to the stake. A single plant tie at the top will act as a hinge, allowing the head to rock about and end up damaged. Standard roses are best growing in the ground rather than in a pot, unless it is a large, stable pot that will not blow over in gusts of wind.

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