July Gardening Tips

Continue to plant half-hardy annuals such as Cosmos, Nicotianas, Zinnias and Cleomes for autumn colour.

Prune English Lavender that has flowered in June. Remove stems leaving 2/3 pairs of leaves below the cut.

Early flowering Geraniums like ‘Sabani Blue’ and ‘Johnsons Blue’ can be cut back to the ground and fed with Chicken Pellets to encourage fresh growth.

Prune the long whippy shoots of Wisteria if your plant has filled its space.

Prune early flowering Clematis like montana.

Sow Kales like ‘Redbor’ and ‘Cavolo Nero’. Sow lettuce at the same time for intercropping so you don’t waste any space, If you prefer Radish and Beetroot they will do the same job!

Keep pinching out the side shoots of cordon varieties. Feed weekly with Tomorite and in hot weather water every morning to keep them moist. Feed peppers and cucumbers at the same time.

Sow late crop of French Beans for harvesting in October

Plant out leeks under fleece or enviromesh to avoid leek moth’s laying eggs.

Sow Chard to provide an autumn winter crop.

Lift and divide Rhubarb-discard the centres and replant the outer growth

Thin fruit trees bearing heavy crops to ensure you get quality fruit. For eating apples and pears thin to a fruit every 4-6”, cooking apples can be given even more space.

Prune plums to avoid silver leaf disease and canker.

Support Dahlias and Chrysanthemums with canes

Feed Roses with TopRose after their first flush of flowers.