June Gardening Tips

Thin out hardy annuals leaving 30cm between plants to allow them to develop fully. Provide pea sticks as support for Cornflowers and Ammi. Sow Wallflowers and honesty for flowering next spring.

Mulch borders with bark to reduce water evaporation.

Stake and tie up taller perennials such as Delphiniums and Peonies.

Divide Primulas, Primroses and Cowslips.

Chop Sedums back by 1/3rd to provide sturdy flowering plants in the autumn.

Deadhead Roses by pruning back to a bud or leaf below to encourage the formation of axillary buds.

Prune spring flowering shrubs like Weigela and Philadephus once they have finished flowering. Remove congested older stems.

Sow sprouts, cabbages and leeks for winter harvest.

Sow more courgettes to provide an autumn harvest.

Sow parsley and coriander to provide a crop in autumn and winter.

Thin Gooseberries allowing them to swell and ripen.

Plant Marigolds (Tagetes) to deter white fly in glasshouses. Use biological control to control white fly and Red Spider mite.

Increase shading in greenhouses and dampen down floors every morning. Avoid watering plants in the middle of the day.