Spectacular Firebowls from Kadai

Create a fiery centrepiece for your garden with these fantastic recycled Kadai Firebowls.

Kadai LogoWe have had great success with our outdoor cooking range in recent years, especially the wonderful Kadai Firebowls – handmade from recycled barrels.

Each firebowl is uniquely constructed from heavy duty riveted iron and comes complete with a solid low stand, twin grills, wire brush and tongs. You can choose to upgrade the standard low stand to a high version for a small charge. The bowls also feature handy carrying rings and a clever mesh drainage hole to avoid water collecting in the bottom.

We stock various matching accessories from the Kadai range, including:

  • Stainless Steel Blow Poker – innovative device for injecting some life into those fading embers.
  • Pair of Grill Lifters – for when you want to top up the wood/coal on a hot Kadai.
  • Leather Gauntlet – Thick leather glove to avoid any painful burns.
  • Cooking Tripod and Chain – perfect for suspending items above the grills.
  • Tripod Bowl and 3 Chains – this 36cm iron bowl allows you to cook slowly in conjunction with the tripod accessory
  • Set of 3 Skillets – heavy iron pans for cooking vegetables, steak or fish. Includes innovative removable handle system.
  • Paella Pan (NEW FOR 2014) – Create authentic Mediterranean dishes with this 55cm pan.

Come in and see them for yourselves, we’re sure you’ll want one!