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Planting an Autumn container

Planting an autumn container need not be intimidating to those new to the gardening world. In fact, a simple method for ensuring beautiful focal points in the home or garden includes the use of thriller, filler, and spiller plants.


Thriller Plants

Thrillers are the big, bold focal points of your container plant designs.  This plant provides an eye-catching vertical element.

Tall ornamental grasses, Cordylines, Phormiums, Conifers or even evergreen shrubs like Hebes, Skimmias or Nandina are ood examples for autumn tubs and containers.

Filler Plants

Fillers are mid-sized, mounding or rounded plants that surround and enhance the filler and fill the space in the planter.  You can use one filler or opt for two or three different plants in your container garden design.

The difficult part is selecting the plant from so many choices, but a few suggestions include: Heuchera, Carex, Violas & Cineraria.

Spiller Plants

Spillers are splashy plants that cascade and tumble over the sides of the container.  Have some fun with your container garden design!

For example popular choices are: Ivy, Sedums and Thyme.



Bulb Bonanza

Now is the time to plant spring-flowering bulbs. Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus and Allium are some of the most popular. They can all be planted in borders but if you are short on space, then planting pots next to your front or back door are a great way of bringing spring colour to your garden. For a long-lasting bulb container, why not plant a bulb lasagne?