Lawn Care Calendar

January: Turfing possible during fine weather.

February: Continue turfing, prepare soil for sowing seed.

March: Start cutting lawn, apply moss killers (Evergreen Mosskill Soluble), neaten edges and sow lawn seed.

April: Feed and weed (evergreen complete). Re-seed or re-turf areas of coarse grass

May: Weed kill (Verdone or Evergreen feed and weed), tackle leather jackets (cover lawn in black polythene over night then remove in the morning for the bird to eat the grubs.

June: Summer feed and weed (Evergreen liquid weed and feed). Spot treat weeds that have not been killed or dig out manually.

July: Enjoy your hard work.

August: Last month for weed killing (Verdone)

September: Brush worm casts off lawn, apply autumn lawn fertiliser (Evergreen autumn lawn feed). Fill bumps and hollows. Scarify and spike compacted areas. Tackle moles. Sow seed.

October: Lay turf, autumn lawn feed and trim edges of lawns. November: Keep worm casts off. Best month for laying turf.

December: Keep leaves off lawns.

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