If you want pots full of dense and colourful bulbs in spring, planting layers of different bulbs, also known as a bulb lasagne with plants planted above will produce a long lasting mass of colour.

The largest and latest flowering bulbs need to be planted deep at the bottom, with the earliest and smallest on the top layer.  The emerging shoots of the bottom layer will grow around anything above them.

You need to spread the bulbs slightly further apart than you would do in a pot with a single layer – 1 to 2 inches apart is about right.  The deepest layer can go down as far as 11 – 12 inches.

After doing the first layer, cover with a couple of inches of potting compost, before placing the next layer of bulbs.  We recommend you use Taylors Bulb fibre.

Bulb Planting Tips

Ideal bulbs for pots include crocus, iris, hyacinths, anemones, daffodils and tulips.

Drainage is key with bulbs, so all pots and containers need one or more holes in the bottom.  Cover the holes with small pieces of broken pottery or pebbles to stop them getting clogged up with compost.

In pots, you can plant your bulbs closer than you do in the garden.  Make sure they don’t touch each other or the sides of the pot.

If you are planting only one layer, plant the bulbs at the same depth as you would in your garden – at a depth of twice their height (a minimum of 3 inches).

Water on planting and regularly in the first weeks, when their roots are forming.  Don’t let the compost dry out.