Magnificent Olive Trees

We’ve recently increased our range of Olive trees so we now boast the largest collection in Hampshire!

Olive trees, or Olea europaea are generally considered the kings of the Mediterranean landscape, but popularity in the UK has increased in recent years.

Their combination of gnarled stems and tough silvery grey-green leaves provide handsome evergreen structure to gardens. They flower in the Summer and can grow up to 10m (30ft) in height, but respond well to pruning.

Olive trees are adaptable and hardy plants suitable for growing in a wide range of climates. In the UK, olive trees perform well in milder climates which tend to be in  southern and western regions, coastal areas and urban locations. Due to the short summer in the UK it is unusual to expect trees to produce olives.

For detailed advice on how to grow olive trees, take a look at our free fact sheet.

Delivery – We can deliver small olives in our regular van. Providing only 2 members of staff are required to deliver the trees our standard delivery terms apply. Where an additional member of staff is required an additional £25 is charged within our normal delivery area.

Larger olives require specialist delivery equipment, which we can access at cost to the customer. If you require your olive to be planted or potted we can provide a quote from our Landscapes department – please contact 01590 612307 for more information.


Olive Delivery

An Olive tree being lifted into its tub, ready for delivery to a customer.

Olive tree car park

This Olive tree in our car park is over 100 years old and costs £1100