Maison Berger

Looking for a gift that ticks all the boxes?  Maison Berger are designed and manufactured in France.  This is their story:

It all began with a good intention: that of Maurice Berger, pharmacy dispenser, who at the end of the 19th century wanted to purify the air in hospital rooms.

An innovative process was born, a system of diffusion via catalysis, which did not disguise odours, but actually destroyed them. Lampe Berger was a unique French creation with a patented technique thanks to its catalytic burner, which still today offers unrivalled perfuming quality.

Then came the meeting with the world of art, the attention of celebrities, who widely acclaimed this innovative object, and its interpretation by well-known designers.

And lastly, the start of a new chapter.

The dawn of the 20th century spotlighted the Art Nouveau period, when the beautiful and the useful came together, when art became a daily immersion.

Propelled by the creativity of the era, the vision of a generation, of Coco, Picasso or Cocteau, Lampe Berger was promoted from object to icon, from the role of purifying the atmosphere to that of creating a mood. It was no longer just an efficient glass bottle, but an elegant exercise in style; it was no longer a matter of just purifying the air, but of diffusing delicate fragrances.

The next chapter of the story was already being written.

Lampe Berger anticipated a requirement, accompanied an era, foresaw a trend. From an accessory, it became an essential object. It was the preface to 120 years of creation which invited art and technique to interact; the pleasant and the useful to come together.

Then, it became more than a lamp: no longer just a bottle, it also became a candle, a twig, a bouquet. It was in glass or porcelain, and then became wax and wood too.
It is more than an object; it is a Maison, and all of the objects that inhabit it, all the fragrances that dwell within it.

It is Maison Berger Paris.