March Gardening Tips

Protect your garden now from early slug damage with Growing Success slug pellets.

Sow beetroot, lettuces, spinach, chard and brassicas into plugs or peat pots under protection for planting out later.

Start off your cutting garden now buy sowing Sweet Peas, Cosmos, Cornflowers and Tobacco plants into plugs and small pots for planting out after the danger of frost has passed.

Ensure you have fleece on hand to protect seedlings and tender new growth from frost damage
Pinch out the growing tips of winter sown Sweet Peas.

Plant Dahlia tubers in pots under cover, protecting new growth from frosts.

Cut down the old growth of perennials and grasses left over winter.

Prune shrub roses-remove all dead wood and crossing branches. Cut the rest back by at least a half, cutting just above an outward facing bud.