May Gardening Tips

Plant out Dahlia tubers and Gladioli for late summer flowers.

Sow hardy annuals like Cornflowers, Nigellas and Marigolds direct into beds.

Plant hanging baskets and pots on patios- if you are stuck with choosing the plants, choose an ‘Easy Basket’ or a ‘Garden Cocktail’ with pre-selected combinations.

Sow Basil directly into raised beds or the vegetable garden.

Prune perennial herbs such as chives, lovage, thyme and marjoram to encourage fresh growth.

Tomatoes, courgettes, squash and pumpkins may now be planted outside-water well after planting.

Continue sowing radishes, beetroots, carrots and peas for a continuous harvest throughout the summer.

Cover carrots from carrot root fly with fleece or enviromesh.

Prune back early flowering alpine plants such as Aubretia and Alyssum to encourage new growth and flowers.

Start tying in Sweet Peas every 10 days which will encourage more flowers on straight stems. Feed every other week with Miracle Gro.

Prune box hedges ensuring you remove clippings to reduce the risk of disease.