New Coffee in Steff’s Kitchen

Regina Coffee a blend of 100% speciality Arabica coffees

We are now serving Regina coffee in our cafe.  We asked our supplier Coffee Monger’s to let us know how Regina coffee is made and what makes it so special:-

Our Regina is the result of years of experimentation.

For our blend we use Yellow Bourbon an heirloom Speciality Arabica Coffee from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. It is a pulped natural* coffee, screen size 15/16, Certified Rainforest Alliance, and grown at 1,100m altitude. This speciality coffee provides delicate citrus and floral notes as well as complex dark chocolate, brown sugar and nut flavours. It has a moderate acidity.

In order to best complement our Yellow Bourbon, we blend it with our Natural Brazil, a 100% Speciality Arabica, also grown at altitude, in the Sul de Minas, Icatu region of Brazil. A SSFC (Super Soft Fine Cup) coffee with a screen size of 17/18, the beans are prize, very large and all mature which offer us consistent quality and taste. The dry processing of this Arabica reveals its body, sweetness and smooth complexity. This coffee is medium bodied, with chocolate notes, and a nutty caramel sweet finish. Clean.

Overall, our Regina blend offers a captivating citrus acidity, with complex nutty sweetness, a good mouth-feel and sweet finish which lingers, and offers up a delightful bittersweet chocolate and hazelnut sweetness.

It excels in all brewing methods and marries perfectly with milk and vegan milks alike.

*Pulped Natural : a coffee processing method in between dry and wet processing which originated in Brazil in the 90’s. It involves removing the skin, but not the fruit mucilage. The coffee is dried with the mucilage allowing the beans to slightly ferment with the fruit. This method brings out the sweetness and acidity of the coffee and yields a high quality bean. (Pulped Natural is a method similar to Honey Washed, which is gaining popularity in Central America.)