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Nursem is a hand cream especially made for nurses, by a nurse and her husband.  It's a natural cream that nurses could use repeatedly throughout a shift to stop sore, cracked and bleeding hands.

Each products holds a unique set of benefits for skin and simply focuses on harnessing the properties of natural, raw ingredients.

You won’t find any harsh or harmful chemicals like parabens, petrolatum, mineral oils, silicones or sulphates in their products.

We started selling Nursem as we were introduced to it by Ollie Fairweather, Patrick and Steff Fairweather's son.  Being the Operations and Finance director he not only wanted to get the product out there, but saw the benefits that it could have on gardening hands, especially his grandmother Aline, who has been green fingered for over 70 years!

For us the promise that Nursem gives a month’s worth of free hand cream to nurses with every product they sell, meant that we could help support our local nurses, which we have done for the Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton and to local Ambulance drivers and other care & nursing staff.