Planting a hedge is a very easy, do it yourself, job. Whether it’s pot grown, bare root or rootballed, it’s the same principles: – good ground preparation, plenty of space for each root, elimination of air pockets and plenty of water not just when the plants are going into the ground but in the weeks following planting until the plants are fully established and able to fend for themselves.

The following is a simple step by step guide on how to do it properly and a quick method for planting bare roots for large quantities:- prepare the ground in advance and clear all weeds at least 30cms on both sides of the proposed hedge line. Dig a trench and prick the sides and bottom of the trench with a garden fork so that the roots can establish. For pot grown plants, the trench needs to be about twice as wide as the pots. Rootballed and bare root plants will need a trench twice as wide as the root structure. Enrich the soil with organic matter such a manure or soil conditioner.

Mark a straight line, with string, and cut a cane to size so that each plant is evenly spaced Water the plants and allow them to drain prior to planting. Gently tease the roots of pot grown plants and plant them (at the same depth as they were in the pot) into the trench, or in the case of bare root and rootballed plants, plant to the damp line on the main stem where you can see they were previously planted in the fields. Firm the soil to eliminate air pockets. Its really important that there are no air pockets because this is how frost damage is caused.

Water each plant with approximately one full watering can per plant Cover with mulch to stop weeds establishing and reduce water loss from the soil and keep your new hedge well watered until its root system is fully established.

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