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Growing Heuchera

By Lisa Smith | 12th March 2020

Heuchera When your mail order plants arrive – unpack and water if necessary, leaving them to settle for a couple of days. We recommend 9cm pots are potted up before planting outside. We do not recommend planting if the weather is frosty. Planting in the garden – Heucheras are happy in most soils, provided that…

Layering Bulbs (Bulb Lasagne)

By Lisa Smith | 26th September 2018

If you want pots full of dense and colourful bulbs in spring, planting layers of different bulbs, also known as a bulb lasagne with plants planted above will produce a long lasting mass of colour. The largest and latest flowering bulbs need to be planted deep at the bottom, with the earliest and smallest on…

Growing and Using Edible Flowers

By Lisa Smith | 31st January 2018

ONLY CERTAIN FLOWERS ARE EDIBLE AND EVEN THOSE LISTED AS EDIBLE NEED TO HAVE BEEN GROWN UNDER CONDITIONS SUITABLE FOR CULINARY USE (NO CONTAMINATION BY ANIMALS OR PESTICIDE RESIDUES PRESENT). Edible flowers add colour and flavour to both sweet and savoury dishes.  They have to be home-grown as they need to be gathered fresh on…

Hardy Palms

By Lisa Smith | 16th May 2017

Some palms are some suitable for planting outdoors in the British Isles. Hardy palms are invaluable as structural plants in tropical-style gardens and look effective when planted with bamboos and New Zealand flax. In pots they can form striking architectural features on the terrace. Position and planting Hardy palms will survive winters to -10C in…



By Lisa Smith | 21st December 2016

Summer Flowering Gladioli   Summer flowering Gladiolus are easy to grow. They make wonderful flamboyant cut flowers and once established will flower year after year. Planting Soil and Site On rich but well-drained soils, you can plant them straight out in the garden. On heavy clay – particularly in a wet spring – its wise…


By Lisa Smith | 21st December 2016

Easy to Grow Dahlias   Dahlias are easy to grow and in a good year produce flowers from late June to early December They come in all shapes and sizes, and are available in most of the best flower colours. They are wonderful for filling gaps in borders and make excellent cut flowers. Planting Soil…

Lavandula stoechas 'Rocky Road'

How to Grow Lavenders

By Lisa Smith | 6th February 2015

This advice sheet will tell you how to grow lavenders and help keep them looking their best throughout the year. Soil and Site We are always asked how to grow lavenders.  Lavenders like well-drained soil in a sunny site that receives sun for most of the day. Lavandula angustifolia prefers alkaline soil which will help…

Agapanthus Regal Beauty

How To Grow Agapanthus Plants

By Lisa Smith | 6th February 2015

These tips will describe how to grow Agapanthus successfully and help keep your Agapanthus plants looking great. When your plants arrive home – water if necessary, leaving them to settle for a couple of days. We recommend 9cm pots are potted up before planting outside. Larger Agapanthus may be planted in borders or potted into…

Indoor Azalea Care

By Lisa Smith | 9th February 2013

These are one of the best winter-flowering houseplants and can, with care provide a mass of colour throughout the holiday season with their red, pink or white blooms. They require a temperature of 10-15°C/50-60°F ideally, avoid hot airless situations i.e. those near to a radiator. Choose a brightly lit spot, away from direct sunlight. Keep…

Orchid Care

By Lisa Smith | 9th February 2013

You don’t need a green house to successfully grow Orchids, and they aren’t delicate. Like other houseplants orchids only have a few basic needs, after all orchids have adapted to survive in most areas as “wild” plants. Light is the important factor to successfully raise and bloom orchids. If the leaves become very yellow, move…