Poinsettias originate from Mexico and Central America. In the wild these plants are bare-branched small trees. Most people know traditional red poinsettias at Christmas, but these plants also come in peach, pink, cream, and with white- and gold-splashed leaves.

Care: Protect poinsettias from cold and draughts at all times – wrap them up carefully to carry them home and unwrap as soon as you arrive home. They need a light position, some sunshine is acceptable and a temperature of 13-22°C but not above a radiator, avoid cold draughts. Water when the compost is moderately dry; don’t over or under-water as this results in leaf drop.

Water by standing in water for 20 minutes (not more than 30) and then remove to allow to drain. Misting of the leaves frequently helps them . The milky white sap of this plant can irritate skin, so wash your hands after handling it, and keep plants away from young children.

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