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The Potting Shed Club

Patrick’s Patch runs ‘The Potting Shed Club’ for primary school age children (ages 4 – 11) every year.

We are sorry but due to Covid-19, we have cancelled the Potting Shed Club this year.  Refunds will be given.  We are looking forward to planning for next year.  If you have any queries, please email lisa@fairweathers.co.uk.  

The Potting Shed Club runs once a month from March to October on Saturday mornings 10am – 11.30am. The club is run by the Head Gardener Rachel Foster. Rachel is a qualified gardener with lots of experience working with children and running gardening clubs. This is what Rachel had to say:

“I want the children to really enjoy being in the garden and gain satisfaction from making things they can take home and by helping with projects in Patrick’s Patch.”

During each club, the children make things to take home and they spend time helping on fun projects in Patrick’s Patch. There are mid-morning refreshments of hot drinks (for adults) and fruit juice, with homemade biscuits.

It is essential to pre-book as there is a maximum of 10 children.

Children must be accompanied by an adult – no more than three children per adult.  Additional adults are not encouraged due to restricted space.

Cost per participating child is £12, with no charge for accompanying adults. When you book more than 3 places at the same time (this could be 3+ children or 3+courses) we will discount you £1 per place/course.

If we do not have enough children to run the course successfully, we reserve the right for it to be cancelled and any money paid will be refunded.  Only courses cancelled 1 week in advance may be refunded.

Saturday 21st March - Get Set Sow

This year we’re going to make our own paper pots to sow seeds in. We’ll try writing in seeds in the raised beds and also sow the peas in the garden. The children will make seed collages to take home.

Saturday 18th April - Potato planting and Scarecrows

The children will plant a crop of early potatoes. They’ll get to make their own mini-lady-scarecrow and sow sunflowers to take home. We’ll all sow beans in jars with blotting paper so we can watch how a seed germinates.

Saturday 16th May - Our friends the worms

We’ll be looking closely at the compost heap and playing a compost game. The children will make a set of ‘good’ mini-beasts on lolly sticks. They’ll be doing a digging job – getting the ground ready for the courgettes.

Saturday 13th June - Make your own salad

Always a very popular activity; the children get to pick and make their own yummy salad to take home. We’ll learn about herbs and edible flowers to make the salads extra-tasty. We’ll have a go at sowing ‘cress-heads’.

Saturday 11th July - Perfect Posies

This session we’ll learn all about flowers. We’ll have a look at the different parts of the flower and make little petal collages. We’ll press some flowers to use later in the year. The children can help with our butterfly survey. Also the Potting Shed Club potatoes will need to be dug up.

Saturday 12th September - Mega Harvest

We’re going pick a variety of fruit, vegetables and flowers and arrange them into a big harvest-display. The children can taste some of the fruits they pick and we’ll share out some tasty produce to take home. We’ll weigh some of our produce and think about ‘what part of the plant we eat’.

Saturday 3rd October - Making apple juice

We’ll be pressing the Patrick Patch apples and tasting the juice from different varieties. In Patrick’s Patch we’ll sow broad beans and plant garlic. The children will plant bulbs to take home.

Saturday 7th November - Helping the hedgehogs

We’ll be looking around Patrick’s Patch and thinking about how we can help wildlife in the winter months. The children will make fat-ball bird feeders to take home and we’ll learn about our common garden birds. Everyone can keep warm by helping to spread garden compost on the vegetable beds.