Agapanthus Plants

Agapanthus are elegant and exotic, but they are well suited to being grown in this country.

Fairweather’s is the largest grower of Agapanthus in the UK and we have a collection of over 300 cultivars approved as a National Collection.

Our growing conditions in Beaulieu, Hampshire are ideally suited to supplying top quality plants.  Due to the amount of different varieties grown, we are unable to hold all the plants at our Garden Centre.  If you are coming to visit us at the Garden Centre and there is a specific Agapanthus you would like to see or buy, please call us and we can arrange for it to be there for you.

Please be aware that if the flower spikes are very long, we may have to cut them off before sending.  Please note that we do not ship outside of the UK.

To find out more about Agapanthus Gall Midge click here.

PVR – Plants that are protected by Plant Variety Rights (PVR) may not be propagated without a license from the Breeder or their Agent.

Our Agapanthus come in 2 sizes, 9cm and 2.5 litre only  Please see our advice sheet for more information.

Special Offers: 9cm buy 3 for £22.50  2.5l buy 3 for £35.00

Click here to learn more about growing Agapanthus ◄ ADVICE SHEET

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