Click & Collect

Welcome to our new Click & Collect Service now available at Fairweather’s Garden Centre.

Click & Collect Service

We have chosen selected plants, vegetables and gardening products for you to order and pay for online, sorry we cannot accept cash payments. We will then contact you to arrange a convenient day and time to collect your purchases.

  • Minimum order spend £40

Delivery Service

For our customers who are unable to collect and are unable to leave their homes during the Coronavirus lockdown, we are able to offer a special local delivery service but there may be up to a weeks’ delay before we can deliver, so please arrange to collect wherever possible.

  • Minimum order spend £40
  • Orders of £150 or under, the delivery charge is £7.50
  • Orders above £150, delivery will be free
  • Postcodes that are included in our delivery area are: SO41, SO42, SO45 and SO40 4
    (sorry but we are unable to delivery outside of these postcodes)
Find out how it works: local collection and delivery arrangements
David Austin Rose Plus 1 Bag of Rose CompostDavid Austin Rose Plus 1 Bag of Rose Compost. Shrub or climber. Chosen by us., £30.00
click-collect rosesclimber shrub
GroSure Seed & Cutting CompostGroSure Seed & Cutting Compost 30L, £6.00 composts-and-aggregates click-collect30l
Mini Chip Pine BarkMelcourt Mini Chip Pine Bark, £10.00
composts-and-aggregates click-collect60l
Hozelock Starter PackHozelock Starter Pack, £7.00
garden-sundries click-collect
Lopper & Bypass Secateurs SetLopper & Bypass Secateurs Set, £20.00
garden-sundries click-collect
Master Gardening GlovesGardening Gloves Large, Medium and Small., £6.00
garden-sundries click-collectlarge medium small
Mixed Tubs & Baskets Plants x 10 Plus 1 Bag of CompostMixed Tubs & Baskets Plants x 10 Plus 1 Bag of Compost. Chosen by us., £35.00 bedding-and-patio-plants click-collect9cm
Standard Bedding 6 pack x 6 Plus 1 Bag of CompostStandard Bedding 6 pack x 6 Plus 1 Bag of Compost. Chosen by us., £30.00 bedding-and-patio-plants click-collect
Premium Bedding 6 Pack x 4 Plus 1 bag of CompostPremium Bedding 6 Pack x 4 Plus 1 bag of Compost. Chosen by us., £30.00 bedding-and-patio-plants click-collect
Mixed Treat BagA selection of short dated food that is reduced to clear. Includes a variety of popcorn, chocolate, crackers etc. NB. MAY CONTAIN NUTS AND OTHER ALLERGENS, £10.00 gifts-and-treats click-collect
Flower Carpet Rose Plus CompostEasy ground cover Roses for pots and borders Plus 1 bag of Rose compost. Chosen by us., £15.00
click-collect rosesred pink white
Tomato & Cucumber 6 Pack Plus CompostTomato & Cucumber 6 pack Plus 1 bag of compost., , £15.00 fruit herbs-and-vegetables click-collect69cm
Tomato 6 Pack Plus CompostTomato 6 pack Plus 1 bag of Jacks Magic Compost., , £15.00 fruit herbs-and-vegetables click-collect69cm
Strawberries 6 PackStrawberries 6 Pack Various Varieties, £12.00 fruit click-collect69cm
Lavender 6 PackOur choice of 6 mixed lavenders, £10.00 herbs-and-vegetables click-collect69cm
Herbs Mixed 6 Pack6 Mixed Various Herbs, £15.00 herbs-and-vegetables click-collect69cm
2 Packs of Miracle Gro Soluble Plant FoodGet 2 x Miracle Gro Soluble Plant food for £10., £12.00 £10.00
click-collect plant-health
Tomorite Tomato Food 1L x 2Get 2 x Tomorite 1L for £8. The bottles have 30% extra free., £9.00 £8.00 click-collect plant-health
50 Fat Snax TubNo Net Fat Snax (50 value Pack) Tub, £9.99 £8.00
birdcare click-collect
Mixed Succulents 10 packMixed Succulents 10 pack, £12.00 cottage-garden-plants click-collect10
Pittosporum Golf Ball, £45.00
click-collect shrubs-and-trees12l
Photinia Red RobinWhite, £25.00
click-collect shrubs-and-treeswhite7-5ltr
Clematis Montana x 2Get 2 for £15 Clematis Montana chosen by us. Normal price £13 each. 2 different ones. Now in bud., £26.00 £15.00
climbers-and-clematis click-collectpink2
Box Pyramids, £20.00
click-collect shrubs-and-trees3ltr
Box Balls, £16.00 click-collect shrubs-and-trees3ltr
Organic Peat Free Compost 40LOrganic Peat Free Compost 40L, £6.00
composts-and-aggregates click-collect40l
John Innes No.3 Compost 35LJohn Innes No.3 Mature Plant Compost 35L., £7.00 composts-and-aggregates click-collect35l
Mixed Alpines 9cm 10 packOur selection of Alpines 9cm pot x 10 for £20, £25.00 £20.00 cottage-garden-plants click-collect109cm
Alpines 1L 3 PackOur selection of Alpines 1L x 3 for £10., £12.00 £10.00
cottage-garden-plants click-collect31ltr
Alpine Phlox 6 Packour selection of Alpine Phlox 9cm x 6 for £12, £12.00 cottage-garden-plants click-collect69cm
Lupins 9cm 6 PackWest Country Mixed Lupins 9cm x 6 for £15., £15.00 cottage-garden-plants click-collect69cm
Pondhead Local CharcoalMade by Pondhead in Lyndhurst, £8.00 garden-sundries click-collect
Agapanthus 2.5L 3 PackMixed Agapanthus 2.5L x 3 Pack for £30. Picked by us., £36.00 £30.00
cottage-garden-plants click-collect32-5ltr
Heuchera 9cm 6 Pack CollectionChosen by us, 6 different coloured homegrown Heucheras for planting in containers and borders. Get 6 for £12., £12.00
cottage-garden-plants click-collect69cm
Easy Cottage Garden Mix 6 PackIncludes Dahlia, Gaura, Penstemon, Salvia, Scabious, Verbena, £15.00
cottage-garden-plants click-collect69cm
Easy Cottage Garden Mix 18 Packincludes Dahlia, Gaura, Hardy Geranium, Helenium, Heuchera, Leucanthemum, Penstemon, Salvia, Scabious and Verbena- 18 different plants, £35.00
cottage-garden-plants click-collect189cm
John Innes No.2 Compost 35LJohn Innes No.2 Potting-on 35L Compost, £7.00 composts-and-aggregates click-collect35l
Jacks Magic CompostMultipurpose compost 60l, £7.00 composts-and-aggregates click-collect60l