Agapanthus Bare Root Plants


We have now moved all the large pots of our National Collection into a polytunnel and at the same time we took the opportunity to divide some of the plants, as well as some that were planted in the ground.

Therefore, we are able to offer some unique bare root divisions of Agapanthus and with them, come pieces of horticultural history. The list includes hardy deciduous hybrids that were bred by Lewis Palmer at The Grange, Headbourne Worthy in Hampshire in the 1950s and 60s.

Other UK selections include more recent hybrids from Dick Fulcher at Pine Cottage Plants that are mixed up with the best Agapanthus breeding from New Zealand, South Africa and the US.
Grab a piece of history, build your own collection and help preserve a small piece of Agapanthus genetics whilst adding some more summer colour to your garden!

We have shown a picture, where we have one on the left.  Evergreen (E) or deciduous (D), the colour and height (where known).




E = Evergreen D=Deciduous, colour of flower & height

Varieties to choose from:-

Agapanthus ‘Baby Pete’, E, Mauve-blue with dark blue stripe , 45cm
Agapanthus ‘Blue Baby’, E, Pale blue , 40cm
Agapanthus ‘Blue Brush’, E, Pale violet blue , 100cm
Agapanthus ‘Blue Dot’, E, Light blue , 30cm
Agapanthus ‘Blue Prince’, E, Pale blue, 50cm
Agapanthus ‘Bluestorm’, E, Violet blue , 75cm
Agapanthus ‘Dutch Seaside’, D, Bicolour , 120cm
Agapanthus ‘Ever White’, E, White , 50cm
Agapanthus ‘Gold Strike’, E, Light Blue , 50cm
Agapanthus ‘Lavender Haze’, E, Mid/Dark blue , 100cm
Agapanthus ‘Little Amethyst’, E, Blue, 50cm
Agapanthus ‘Little Boy Blue’, E, Pale Blue, 35cm
Agapanthus ‘Maureen’, E, Lilac -pink , 80cm
Agapanthus ‘Purple Emperor’, D, Dark purple-blue , 50cm
Agapanthus ‘Streamline’, E, Blue , 40cm

Additional information

Agapanthus Variety

Agapanthus 'Baby Pete', Agapanthus 'Blue Baby', Agapanthus 'Blue Brush', Agapanthus 'Blue Dot', Agapanthus 'Blue Prince', Agapanthus 'Bluestorm', Agapanthus 'Dutch Seaside', Agapanthus 'Ever White', Agapanthus 'Gold Strike', Agapanthus 'Lavender Haze', Agapanthus 'Little Amethyst', Agapanthus 'Little Boy Blue', Agapanthus 'Maureen', Agapanthus 'Purple Emperor', Agapanthus 'Streamline'