Sustainability Promise

Our sustainability promise shows how we REDUCE, RECYCLE and REUSE products, packaging, green and food waste. As well as carefully choosing sustainable suppliers, educating environmentally friendly practices and cooking what's in season.


Patrick’s Patch encourages customers to learn about using environmentally friendly practices and products that customers can use to grow their own produce.

We aim to demonstrate the importance of healthy soils and the need to find a balance with wildlife as well as encouraging young and new gardeners to vegetable growing therefore reducing food miles.

Steff’s Kitchen is passionate about supplying great food to customers that has been sourced locally. Along with fruit and vegetables grown in it’s very own garden Patrick’s Patch.

We always try to cook what’s in season and our chefs plan the specials menu as to what is available, sustainably offering the freshest possible
produce at it’s peak.

When Steff’s Kitchen was renovated some of the furniture was salvaged from a church and energy efficient equipment was purchased.

Further improvements have been made by swapping plastic straws to paper, stirrers to metal spoons, plastic cups to recyclable and all the takeaway containers are also able to be recycled.



We monitor and manage water use. Sharing information with our customers how to water plants responsibly and encouraging sustainable watering

By reducing printing and using a digital management system our paper wastage has reduced by 50%.

We work with our supply chain to reduce environmental impact and ethical behaviours. We use local UK suppliers where we can.

By growing our own fruit and vegetables without chemicals in our café, it eliminates carbon miles.

We offer a range of plants in hairy pots that can be planted straight into the ground.


Plastic pots, trays, crates, cardboards, plastics, foam, batteries and green waste is either reused or recycled via recycling specialists.

We offer our customers a pot recycling collection point in Patrick’s Patch, so they do not end up in landfill.

We are committed to increasing recyclable plant pots and reducing the use of single use plastic. We are moving away from black pots as these are not able to be recognised by waste sorting machines.

Takeaway food packaging and cups are recyclable.


We only supply customers with paper bags and cardboard boxes from products received.

All food waste is either recycled and turned into electricity or is composted in Patrick’s Patch. Coffee grounds are also composted and are available for
customers to take away and use in their garden.

We offer a range of peat-free compost, one of which can be collected in loose refillable bags.

We promote peat-free compost. Peat can easily be replaced and gives excellent results. This makes then a natural choice and environmentally friendly.

We plan to only offer bagged peat-free compost by the end of 2022. Using peat-free compost avoids the damage that van be done to the natural habitats where peat is harvested.

Fairweather’s Garden Centre choose sustainable suppliers carefully. Our ultimate goal is to build a strong long-term relationship with those
who share our ethical and environmental goals.

By sourcing locally we are able to reduce shipping, carbon emissions and energy usage; contributing to green manufacturing and building customer

Gardens and wildlife are very important and we are passionate in helping you make your garden friendly, contributing to the health of the natural world.
We offer a safe range of pest control products, to reduce the impact on beneficial garden insects and wildlife.

We do not stock slug killers that contain metaldehyde.