The Olive Architects

Luxurious Olive Oil

We have a fabulous new range of olive oil to buy.  The Olive Architects, a family run business, handpick their olives.  Jess, who currently works in our cafe, and her husband Simon harvest their olives in Crete and then it makes it’s way to Beaulieu for you to buy.

As an extra special gift for someone, their 24k gold flake infused olive oil is a must!

This is what Simon says about his business, ‘I took it upon myself to harvest the olives for the first time with my wife in Autumn of 2017 whilst living in the village and getting married in Crete. We now have an even deeper appreciation of our olive oil and are very passionate of sharing it with you. Our harvesting journey was an unforgettable experience full of challenges, laughter, falls & on completing full of pride.  Every olive counts.  To share our working day in and day out in the garden behind our house in the Cretan mountains was phenomenal and one reason why we can’t wait to harvest again.’

Extra Hot Chilli Oil  £12
This is blended with Carolina Reaper dried flakes, the hottest chilli in the world, sitting at 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units, accompanied by one ghost chilli.  This fiery oil will raise the heat on any dish.

Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil £12
Our all natural oil is hand harvester by us in beautiful surroundings of our family olive grove in west Crete.  The flavour is sweet and fruity with a peppery spice, enjoyed with salads & tomatoes or as a dressing for everything including tapas dishes.

Hint of Chilli £12
Our hint of chilli is cold infused with one whole shost chilli and 2 bird chillies.  This oil allows you to get the full flavour with a kick if chilli, just when you need it.  A great partner for Italian, Mexican & Indian dishes.

Pomegranate and Goji Berry £12
This detoxifying superfood oil was made by us as we wanted to find an oil with a deliciously fruity note and this oil does exactly that.  The goodness that comes from the pomegranate and goji berry makes this a super healthy oil.  It is fantastic on salads and with fish dishes or as a dressing.  This can be taken once a day to cleanse your body.

24k Gold Flake Infusion £60
Our luxurious signature blend is infused with edible gold flakes to take any dish to the next level of superiority and to wow dinner guests.  There are numerous health benefits including being an anti-inflammatory and for helping the mind to focus.  E number E175.  This comes with our magnetic close Architect packaging and a gold olive oil spout.