Christmas Trees

All our real Christmas trees are 100% UK grown.  Bringing to you the freshest and finest trees direct from our supplier Infinity’s Christmas Tree’s fields.

All the trees are grown from selected seeds which are nurtured into seedlings.  From day one, every tree is individually cared for by hand until harvest.  Cutting it as late as possible to maximise freshness and aid needle retention over the Christmas period.

For every tree harvested another two are planted in it place to ensure that production is sustainable.

Infinity Christmas Trees are passionate about trees and all things green.  A real Christmas tree is a renewable source and benefits the environment by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing clean oxygen.  Not forgetting they create a very small carbon footprint as they are UK grown and delivered to us from a local farm.

This year we will not be placing netting around our trees, instead we will be using an Infinity Stringer, which wraps the tree instead.  See the video here:

Our real Christmas tree’s will be available to buy from Saturday 23rd November.  FREE local delivery from Sunday 1st December.

For a guide on real Christmas trees, click here to find information from the HTA (Horticultural Trades Association)