Under Glass & Direct

Indoor Sowing:

  • Fill seed tray or pot with compost, gently firm to eliminate air pockets, water and allow to drain before sowing.
  • Place or scatter (depending on seed size) seed thinly over surface.
  • Sieve layer of compost over seed. Do not cover exceptionally fine seed.
  • Water with fine rosed watering can or stand in water until compost darkens.
  • Label with crop and date of sowing.

Outdoor sowing:

  • Stretch line across intended row.
  • Take out a drill by using the corner of a hoe against the line, making a V-shaped drill (For very fine seed the end of a bamboo cane will provide a deep enough drill).
  • Water the bottom of the drill and allow to drain.
  • Sow seeds very thinly and regularly along it.
  • Gently cover the seeds with soil

Crop Protection and supports:


  • corrugated
  • Glass
  • rigid
  • plastic bottles
  • glass lantern
  • plastic bells
  • Cold frames
  • glasshouses

Loose protection:

  • Fleeces
  • fine netting
  • shading mesh


  • Bark
  • Leaf mulch
  • Shingle
  • Root collars


  • Pea sticks
  • Bamboo canes
  • chicken wire
  • string

Aftercare requirements:

  • Root crops: thinning out / keep soil weed free and moist / water dry spells / employ measures to minimise crop specific pests and disease.
  • Brassicas: cool weather crop than tends to bolt during hot dry spells / water transplants daily and mature plants once a week during dry spell / cover crop with fleece to prevent butterflies laying eggs / watch for slugs, snails, aphids and whitefly / hand pick off crop or employ necessary control.
  • Alliums: after dry spell / keep soil weed free / maintain good air circulation around plants / seedlings more susceptible to onion fly damage then sets.
  • Legumes: keep soil weed free / mulch / no need to water before flowering, unless plants are wilting / water generously when flowering starts to encourage pods to set / pinch out growing tips when top of supports.
  • Fruiting crops: water well during flowering and fruit development / Cordon tomatoes need tying and sideshoots removed / pinch out growing tip of aubergines and peppers for compact growth / apply liquid fertilizer when fruit set.

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