Watch Your Back!

Watch Your Back Out in the Garden

Love your garden?  Remember to love your skin!

May is Melanoma month – skin cancer is common in the UK and the melanoma is the most dangerous type. Everyone is vulnerable but it’s men over 50 who are at the highest risk!

Click here to watch a video by Andy Sturgeon about protecting your skin from the sun.


Top Sun Protection Tips for Gardeners

Always wear a broad spectrum high factor sunscreen of at least SPF30 at all times, and a sunblock on your ears, nose and lips which are prone to burning.

Once applied to the skin, the active ingredients in the sunscreen last approximately 2 hours and less if you are prone to excessive sweating or simply working hard in the garden.  Reapply regularly and check for signs of sunburn (which you will need to cover up).

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Get out in the garden but remember to stay safe!


Charlie Dimmock, Alan Titchmarsh, Andy Sturgeon, David Stevens, Toby Buckland, Anne Swithinbank and Joe Swift are supporting Watch Your Back!  a melanoma awareness campaign aimed specifically at gardeners.
Information taken from the Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research Fund